Grants and Awards


Publication, Grant, Award

1973 – Faces – A book of line drawings published by Intermedia Press, Vancouver

1976 – Canada Council – Grant: Painting

1993 – First Prize – Grand-Prix International de Montréal : Galerie Sodarco

An article about my art and music:

Art is a ray of light that unlocks Life: 

the eyes open;

the heart thinks;

the mind feels.

A work of art is a state of being: a higher order explained through beauty.

Just as the universe consists of dark matter we can’t see, I paint the invisible world of the imagination.

Painting is an illuminating joy, an exuberant exploration of hidden potential.  I create images intended to nurture and inspire others, to help us all sustain healthier lives. Through colour and line I navigate the increasing complexity of our world.  My daily life is living within a painting:  Rembrandt’s sketches in the faces of people in the metro; Van Gogh’s heartfelt blues in the evening sky; Goya’s war engravings on the evening news; Leonardo Da Vinci’s line in an angelic profile, William Blake etchings emanating from a child’s ecstatic smile.

Inner and outer eyes refreshed, our insight deepens; beauty and truth heal our wounds. Imagination with integrity means having to transcend personal vanity, to go beyond the SelfThis collaboration with the life force uplifts to an eternal timelessness, at one with the invisible panoramic principles of the cosmic NOW.

Art deepens the quality of consciousness; something good is given to the world in gratitude for the gift of being.


Some 60 years ago…

Some 60 years ago I fell in love with painting.  As a child I was inspired by lines silhouetted against colorful prairie sunsets.  This drama between line and color is an ongoing fascination; to this day, prisms and exuberant lines recur in my art.

Over a lifetime my focus has evolved from childlike fun into a mature vision where passions and ideas are expressed.  I began publishing line drawings. Over time I developed a passion for the juxtaposition of colors and light in order to express myself through abstract forms.  My personal interest in the cosmological world has shaped both my art and my approach to life.  From prairie lines to cosmological abstracts I’ve been able to explore the organic nature of color and allow it to speak.

In 1971 I had my first exhibition.  Now I look back over 40+ years of exhibitions from San Francisco to Tel Aviv, as well as publications, grants, and awards.

Each day I wake up with the same desire to create that I had as a child. I am still amazed how lines and colors can be converted into something beautiful and to be able to share it.

To view a documentary about my art, click here:

My Blues Album HARP ‘N ROLL is now available on  Apple iTunes and



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