Celebrating ChardArt.com’s 20th Anniversary

ChardArt.com celebrates its twentieth!  Thank you for your support, feedback and loyal interest over so many years.

ChardArt was hacked twice and had to be recreated; on the plus side, this resulted in upgrades and an expansion of categories available to you:

  • Documentaries: http://youtu.be/ASOO7DQTcDI et https://youtu.be/UP6gGjg4zIw;
  • Performances on YouTube https://youtu.be/kxapwmjOc2c;
  • Vernissages: https://youtu.be/UUvqQC5s6dM; Expositions: http://youtu.be/ASOO7DQTcDI + https://youtu.be/craImyKBkis; et
  • Live Music: https://youtu.be/iePC9WcNnfg 

Contact me at chard@chardart.com if you want to be on my monthly mailing list for exhibition dates, new artwork, open studio info, upcoming live performances.

Toasting the next twenty years of creativity!